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Icon November 28, 2010 - 11:53
Big Changes Big Choices

Big Changes Big Choices

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“Big Changes Big Choices” for middle schools

In Big Changes, Big Choices comedian/teen counselor Michael Pritchard helps young adolescents discover that they have the power and the responsibility to make the right choices for themselves. The TV cameras follow him to middle schools in different regions of the U.S. as he thrills his young listeners with unusual humor about growing up, and engages groups of teens in highly productive problem-solving sessions about serious issues that affect their lives.


To have good friends you must be a good friend. Here are some of the ways good friends treat each other:

Good friends listen to each other.

Good friends don't put each other down or hurt each other's feelings.

Good friends try to understand each other's feelings and moods.

Good friends help each other solve problems.

Good friends give each other compliments.

Good friends can disagree without hurting each other.

Good friends are dependable.

Good friends respect each other.

Good friends are trustworthy.

Good friends give each other room to change.

Good friends care about each other.